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Category: Probate

What is Family Malpractice™, and Have You Committed It?

Have you committed Family Malpractice™? If you’ve neglected your legal responsibilities regarding your family, then yes, you have. What is Family Malpractice™? You’ve heard of attorney malpractice, where an attorney’s...

9 Reasons You Need a Will

We all know we “should” have a will. But why, exactly? Here are 9 good reasons to have a will. 1 To Maintain Good Family Relations After You Die The...

Should Your Estate Go Through Probate? Why or Why Not?

Last time we cleared up confusion around probate in South Carolina and looked at what probate is and isn’t. If there’s one thing people do know about probate, it’s that...

Clearing Up Confusion About Probate in South Carolina

Updated 11/27/2022 For some people, “probate” is a dirty word. Much of this attitude comes from not understanding the process, so let’s clear up the confusion. What Probate Is and...
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