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Category: South Carolina

How to Determine 1099 or W-2 Status in South Carolina

Nov 23, 2016
In business, the term “1099” usually refers to someone in an independent contractor position. The term comes from the IRS; at the end of the tax year, a 1099 worker...

Avoid the Pitfalls of Estate Planning in “Brady Bunch Marriages”

Sep 30, 2016
“Brady Bunch marriages” – in which spouses bring their kids from prior relationships into the new marriage – pose a number of potential problems when it comes to estate planning....

Why a Judgment in Your Favor is Not as Great as You Think

Sep 21, 2016
If you’re awarded a judgment, don’t celebrate just yet – it may not be the windfall you think it is. A judgment is a decision of the court that comes...

How South Carolina Courts View Covenants Not to Compete

Jul 11, 2016
On the surface, covenants not to compete look simple. One party agrees not to compete against another party – either by working for a competing company, or by starting their...

What You Need to Know About Section 1031 “Like-Kind Exchanges”

Apr 8, 2016
Under Section 1031 of the US Code, you can sell a qualifying property, take the money from that sale, and buy new qualifying property of a “like-kind” without paying any...

How A Buy-Sell Agreement Is Like Monopoly

Oct 16, 2015
Imagine sitting down with someone to play Monopoly, and it’s the first time ever for both of you. What do you do first? After you each pick a token –...

5 Ways A Business Lawyer Helps Grow And Protect Your Business

Jul 27, 2015
Business law, or corporate law, is the application of law to the business world. The two are completely intertwined at all times. For that reason, as a business owner you...

The Unintended Consequences of Bad Estate Planning

Apr 20, 2015
We always advise people to get estate planning done. If you don’t decide what will happen to your assets upon your death, the state will decide for you. But sometimes,...

What Happens if You Die in South Carolina Without a Will?

Mar 8, 2015
You may be wondering what happens if you die in South Carolina without a will. If that happens, your surviving spouse will get 50% of your estate, and your children...
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