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Category: LLC

A Classic Squeeze-Out: Minority Member Oppression in Wilson v Gandis

In the previous blog, we looked at one of the risks of being in an LLC, minority member oppression. This happens when a member or members of the LLC act...

Your Risks as a Minority Member in an LLC: Oppression and Squeeze-Out

A limited liability company (LLC) is a great thing for many entrepreneurs. Among other things, it provides liability protection while requiring fewer formalities than a corporation. But it’s not risk-free....

Can You Be Held Personally Liable for Your LLC’s Debts?

Entrepreneurs who create a limited liability company (LLC) are protected from putting their personal assets at risk for business debts. Right? After all, that’s the main purpose of the LLC....

6 Common LLC Creation Mistakes

Starting a new business is exciting but also a little intimidating. There’s a lot you probably don’t know, and mistakes can end up costing you. If you’ve decided to start...
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