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Category: Power of Attorney

What Powers Does a Power of Attorney Give Me?

A power of attorney (POA) is a document that authorizes a person (the “agent” or “attorney in fact”) to act on behalf of another person (the “principal”). Different kinds of...

Timing Is Everything: When Powers of Attorney Aren’t Bulletproof

In the previous blog, we looked at the basics of financial and medical powers of attorney. Today, we’re going to look at how these documents are not as straightforward as...

Do You Know the Limits of Your Powers of Attorney?

The power of attorney for finance and the power of attorney for health care are two essential documents of estate planning. These documents give a person (the agent) the power...

The 5 Essential Estate Planning Documents

When you come to Gem McDowell Law Group to work on your estate plan, we discuss five documents together: a will, a trust, a living will, a healthcare power of...
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