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Category: Financial

What Is the Legal Rate of Interest in South Carolina in 2024?

On January 4, 2024, the Supreme Court of South Carolina issued an order regarding interest rates on money decrees and judgments for the next twelve months. The legal rate of...

What Is HEMS and What Does it Mean for Trustees?

HEMS is an acronym that stands for Health, Education, Maintenance, and Support. It’s commonly used in trusts as a way to guide and restrict the kinds of distributions that a...

Why You Don’t Want to Be a Trustee

I once saw a bumper sticker on a car that said “Smile. You Could Be a Trustee.” I thought it was great because it’s true. Being a trustee can be...

Can Your Retirement Account Be Used to Settle Business Debts?

Let’s say you owe money in a judgment, yet you still want to continue contributing to your savings accounts. Can you do that, or can that money be used to...
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