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Is Your Lawyer Legit?

The legal profession is one of the most heavily regulated professions in the U.S. Every state requires attorneys to be licensed, yet people still practice law when they shouldn’t, which...

Law Is Not A DIY Field: When Not To Represent Yourself

Individuals have the right to represent themselves and “act as their own attorney,” but do businesses? Not necessarily. Try to DIY, and you may discover you’ve overstepped the bounds. That’s...

5 Ways A Business Lawyer Helps Grow And Protect Your Business

Business law, or corporate law, is the application of law to the business world. The two are completely intertwined at all times. For that reason, as a business owner you...

The 5 Essential Estate Planning Documents

Updated April 2024 When you come to Gem McDowell Law Group to work on your estate plan, we discuss five documents together: a will, a trust, a living will, a...
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