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Category: Taxes

What is a Certificate of Tax Compliance and Why Should You Get One for a Business Closing?

If you are planning on buying or selling a business in South Carolina, or a significant portion of its assets, you need to know what a Certificate of Tax Compliance...

Involved in Real Estate or Passive Activities? Passive Activity Loss Rules to Know

Let’s say you’ve dipped your toe into the real estate game and flipped a house. Instead of making a killing on it, you took a big financial hit. When tax...

What You Need to Know About Section 1031 “Like-Kind Exchanges”

Under Section 1031 of the US Code, you can sell a qualifying property, take the money from that sale, and buy new qualifying property of a “like-kind” without paying any...

What’s the Difference Between a C-Corp and an S-Corp?

Deciding what kind of entity you want to be is one of the first steps when creating a new business. If you’ve already decided that your business should be a...

What to Know About Estate Taxes for Estate Planning

An estate tax is levied on an estate of a certain value. Because the tax rate is so high – up to 40% – it’s smart to do what you...
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