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Category: Business law

Would Your Contract Hold Up in Court? Indemnification Clauses and Public Policy.

Jan 17, 2018
If you’re in business, you know that contracts are a must to protect yourself. But don’t make the mistake of assuming that simply having a contract is enough. If it’s...

Law Is Not A DIY Field: When Not To Represent Yourself

Jun 14, 2017
Individuals have the right to represent themselves and “act as their own attorney,” but do businesses? Not necessarily. Try to DIY, and you may discover you’ve overstepped the bounds. That’s...

When Covenants Not to Compete and NDAs Reach Too Far

May 31, 2017
South Carolina courts are clear in their general dislike of covenants not to compete and any provisions that restrict an individual’s ability to work. They are also clear in their...

Coming Soon to a Town Near You

May 18, 2017
For many years, South Carolina has limited the number of liquor stores an owner may have within the state to three. However, that law is no longer enforceable thanks to...

Are You Protected? What You May Not Know About “Piercing the Corporate Veil.”

Feb 27, 2017
One of the first things to do when going into business is to select the appropriate business structure for your venture and set it up correctly. A primary advantage of...

How to Determine 1099 or W-2 Status in South Carolina

Nov 23, 2016
In business, the term “1099” usually refers to someone in an independent contractor position. The term comes from the IRS; at the end of the tax year, a 1099 worker...

Why You Need to Read the Fine Print: A Cautionary Tale

Jul 20, 2016
You know you should read “the fine print” of every contract and agreement you sign, but do you? We sometimes assume that there’s nothing truly important happening in the fine...

How South Carolina Courts View Covenants Not to Compete

Jul 11, 2016
On the surface, covenants not to compete look simple. One party agrees not to compete against another party – either by working for a competing company, or by starting their...

What You Need to Know About Section 1031 “Like-Kind Exchanges”

Apr 8, 2016
Under Section 1031 of the US Code, you can sell a qualifying property, take the money from that sale, and buy new qualifying property of a “like-kind” without paying any...

How to Protect Your Interests With Enforceable Covenants Not to Compete

Feb 25, 2016
South Carolina is a state that values an individual’s freedom to work. Because of that, it does not look kindly on contracts that try to restrict a person from working....
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